Mitigation Emergency Management Planning

Mitigation emergency management efforts are designed to help reduce or eliminate the damage to life, health, safety, and property by repeated disaster events. At Enigma Advisory, we put our deeply rooted knowledge and expertise to develop a comprehensive mitigation plan. Our plans will effectively promote the selected project(s) for funding through Federal or State Mitigation Program.

A comprehensive Mitigation Plan that qualifies for Federal Funding, needs to demonstrate the following:

  • Competent knowledge of federal regulations and guidelines
  • Ability to implement you mitigation plan against the identified risks.
  • Financial effectiveness of the mitigation measures stated in the mitigation plan.

With our Mitigation Emergency Management Services at Enigma Advisory we can help you properly act pre or post disaster. You’ll be able to support those impacted by it, and abate or eliminate exposure to ongoing threat for the selected mitigation project(s).

The most desirable situation is to have a strategy that meets approval for a Federal or State Mitigation program. Furthermore, leveraging our disaster expertise will help support your efforts to mitigate damages caused and prepare for future events. Although mitigation can be a long and arduous task, it is one that provides the most optimal outcome to plan for the effects of a disaster.

Development of a Mitigation Plan

Enigma Advisory can help you take both defensive and proactive steps in developing a mitigation plan. We want each of our clients to be able to confidently deal with an emergency situation. Our emergency disaster management plans focus on two goals: minimize the impact of a future disaster, and reduce the potential impact of a secondary event. Either way, mitigation emergency management is focused on developing plans to handle future situations while taking current circumstances into account.

Mitigation plans can take many forms and include a variety of systems, codes, and measures. They can include things like door braces, land use plans, and applicable training procedurals. In other words, the form of the plan follows the practical needs of the community. Our team of experts understands that the work truly begins with understanding the unique structures and needs of the area we are servicing and work hard to ensure your plan is built to serve.

Policies require that public entities with federally funded projects follow formal mitigation program implementation plans. This is true for any time an area subject of Presidential Disaster Declaration receives federal funding through FEMA’s Public Assistance Grants Program. At Enigma Advisory we lend our expertise to help maximize protection and funding so that your community can competently face any disaster.

State, Local, Tribal, or Territorial Mitigation Emergency Management Services

Enigma Advisory helps assist SLTT governments meet mitigation requirements of developing a mitigation strategy. The determining factors of a mitigation plan are based on plan criteria such as those required in 44 CFR Part 201, which call for FEMA approved plans as a part of this process. At Enigma Advisory, we will provide assurance that your agency is compliant and provide comprehensive mitigation planning services that include the following components:

    • Local Governing Body Plan Adoption
    • Multi-Jurisdictional Risk Assessment
    • Assessing Vulnerability: Asset Identification
    • Assessing Vulnerability: Development Trend Analyzation
    • Developing Local Hazard Mitigation Goals
    • Multi-Jurisdictional Mitigation Plan Strategy
    • Additional Implementations through Existing Ad Hoc Programs
    • Multi-Jurisdiction Plan Adoption and Participation
    • Identifying and Profiling Hazards
    • Assessing Vulnerability: Estimating Loss Projections
    • Planning Process Documentation
    • Identification and Analysis of Mitigation Plan and Measures
    • Mitigation Plan Monitoring, Review, Evaluation, and Updating

Hire the Mitigation Emergency Management Experts

Whether faced with an impending crisis or developing a mitigation plan after recovery, these scenarios create a unique set of challenges for Federal Agencies and SLTT Governments to manage. At Enigma Advisory, our range of mitigation emergency consulting services aim to prepare you for crisis situations. We are the industry experts for comprehensive Mitigation Emergency Consulting. You can rely on us to help you conquer those challenges and develop fail proof solutions to protect life, health, and safety. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our consultants, call or submit a Contact Request today.