Emergency Response Operations and Logistics

When disasters strike, it is up to the operation team on site to have a plan. With Emergency Response Planning, they have a variety of tools and resources available to provide immediate response for warning/evacuation services, search and rescue missions, cataloging or assessing damaged critical infrastructure, as well as provide relief by restoring access to critical utilities. When you need quick decisive action to wipe away obstacles standing between the preservation of lives, health, and safety during an emergency – call Enigma Advisory.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Leadership and Support

The Emergency Operations Center is an integral part of emergency preparedness. The EOC provides the overarching, “big picture” strategy for disaster relief and response plans that are specific to a jurisdiction. Enigma Advisory provides management services that ensure continuity of operation within jurisdictions. This provides more localized assistance when needed in terms of emergency/disaster management protocols as well as ensuring overall coordination during these events with other agencies such as FEMA . By coordinating multi-agency objectives and communications it will lessen impact and risk at all levels.


Emergency Resource Supply Chain and Resource Management

The necessary aid to the affected communities requires fast and efficient management. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for communities to quickly recover or lessen the threat from disasters that happen unexpectedly. Enigma Advisory provides services designed with operation improvement in mind to provide a more efficient supply chain that addresses a communities need more efficiently to mitigate disruption and delay in relief and support.


Disaster Documentation Management

Enigma Advisory is a leading disaster recovery and continuity of business process firm. We understand the need for organizations to be successful in their mission objectives, which include the importance of compliance with internal and external processes during an emergency situation or crisis. Document retention can be an overwhelming tasks pre, during, and post-disaster but our services include strategies that promote compliance with laws, regulations, and policies during response and recovery efforts. Ensuring administrative personnel understands the need to catalog documentation with optimal efficiency.


Disaster Staffing and Augmentation

A disaster area can become a barren wasteland with only the most basic needs being met. With that in mind, Enigma Advisory will collaborate on the development of key plans to support the delivery of vital emergency supplies into these areas as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure life-saving services are maintained while also keeping citizen’s minds at ease knowing a competent response is underway.


Debris Cleanup Management

Debris removal is an essential stage of disaster recovery, but it can also be a dangerous endeavor that requires careful planning and consideration. Enigma Advisory provides capable and experienced resources for debris removal and cleanup activities for all catastrophic events. Our services ensure the public’s safety and the debris teams’ productivity for both short-term needs during emergency response and long-term requirements recovery of the area impacted by the disaster.

Debris removal operations generally occur in two phases — initial debris clearance and further (nonemergency) disposal activities afterwards – which include ongoing cleanup efforts throughout the process. The first phase typically involves quick work like clearing roads, so they are accessible for emergency vehicles; whereas the second phase focuses on more thorough cleaning to restore communities and areas impacted by disaster to prepare for rehab or rebuilding projects.


Residential Property Inspections

For homeowners, the approval process for disaster grants begins with a home inspection. This provides them with an opportunity to become eligible for federal assistance and help pay for interim housing, repairs, or other expenses related to their situation post-disaster. Enigma Advisory helps homeowners navigate the post-disaster qualification process for federal disaster assistance. In these times of uncertainty, it’s never too early to make sure homeowners are eligible for grants that can help with recovery efforts and expenses related to their homes.

Hire the Best in Emergency Response Planning and Management

Every disaster creates uniquely complex challenges for Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Agencies and Governments to sort through. Enigma Advisory offers a complete range of Emergency Response Planning and Management Services takes into consideration of various possible scenarios. For comprehensive Emergency Response Planning and Management, Enigma Advisory are your trusted experts to help alleviate those challenges and create clear and concise response strategies to protect life, health and safety. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our consultants, call or submit a Contact Request today.