Emergency Operations Center

Enigma Advisory offers a variety of consulting services to help you maximize the effectiveness of your EOC. We can provide support to design and build an effective workspace, identify staff roles and responsibilities, identify safe locations for meetings or training sessions, integrate new technology into procedures through an innovative strategic planning process. This will help improve overall organizational efficiency to allow responders to perform their primary responsibilities effectively. Our consultations are designed to make every step of disaster preparation through disaster management more effective, so time and resources are in place during the most critical hours of crisis response and recovery.

Emergency Operation Center Services Training and Exercises

Enigma Advisory Emergency Management Consulting has extensive experience in developing customized EOC training and conducting exercises using the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidance. We help design, facilitate, and conduct a comprehensive check list of emergency management consulting needs that your organization may require to be fully prepared for emergencies or disasters.

Enigma Advisory also offers Incident Command System (ICS) training to help you discover how it benefits organizations when implementing this system during an emergency situation. Supplying demands with quick decisions that leave no room for error – which is why Enigma Advisory provides a suite of benefits to help simplify and streamline managing emergencies while leveraging the benefits of our ICS Training Solution.


Emergency Operation Center Assessment

At Enigma Advisory, our team of experts are here to help you enhance your emergency response capabilities. We specialize in providing EOC Review services and can review the current state of an existing operation center as well as offer advice for how to better improve it both physically and organizationally. You’ll also find that we’re willing to provide Staff Action Guides – ready-made templates which detail what each staff member is responsible for during emergencies. In addition, we are able to perform training sessions or consult with clients looking into software selection when designing their EOC.


Emergency Operation Center Vulnerability and Capability Assessment

Ensuring optimal response and result of your EOC is one of Enigma Advisory’s core focus. By evaluating capabilities and identifying risk and vulnerabilities, our team can reinforce policy and processes to enhance your EOC and protect it from failing during the most critical moments. By reviewing your existing EOC protocols we may find opportunities to develop and improve Operations Manual and Staff Action Guides with enhanced training recommendations. We also offer software selection to ensure compatibility with current technology standards as well as design consultation which will help optimize space usage in order to best suit operational needs.


Emergency Operation Center Design and Development

Designing an Emergency Operations Center can be a challenging task. You want to have the right facilities for coordinating emergency response efforts, but you also need it to serve other purposes like training and meetings as well. In order to optimize communication and coordination of your operations, we will help create space that is effective in managing information while presenting pertinent information effectively, so all involved parties are aware of what’s happening at any given time. Plus, with Virtual Emergency Operation Centers (VEOC) integration into our design process will help you take the physical EOC (people and processes) and move it into a web-based environment to help mobile teams improve their response and recovery performance.


Emergency Operation Center Assets and Manuals

Organizing and structuring your Emergency Operations Center (EOC) using Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) Basic Plan Guidelines can help you develop staff and standard operating procedures for adherence and implementation. Enigma Advisory will assist with developing action guides for each EOC staff position. Our advisors will provide guidance with the selection, configuration and implementation of your EOC Software. Helping you build a better personnel infrastructure and software systems to create greater efficiency and effectiveness of your EOC’s deliverability of aid and support to those in need.

Hire the Emergency Operations Center Consulting Experts

Every disaster creates a unique and complex set of challenges for Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Agencies and Governments to manage. Enigma Advisory offers a complete range of Emergency Operation Center Consulting Services to help you prepare for every possible outcome. For comprehensive Emergency Operation Center Consulting, Enigma Advisory are the industry experts here to help alleviate the challenges and develop fail proof solutions to protect life, health and safety. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our consultants, call or submit a Contact Request today.