Emergency Disaster Response Process

Our team of diverse and seasoned professionals are here to help you navigate through disaster response challenges. We help you face the crisis and hurdles created to effectively respond and mitigate its effects. We prepare and swiftly deploy highly adept, skilled, and trained emergency response personnel to help our clients abate catastrophic events and provide emergency response relief to those affected by a disaster. Our Emergency Response Team is ready and able to deploy within 24 hours of activation and provide a range of adaptable and scalable response measures necessary to face fluid challenges that present ever-changing requirements.

At Enigma Advisory, we provide comprehensive disaster response solutions to aid and address communities in need when it matters most. By providing deeply programmatic expertise and knowledge to emergency response situations we can maximize assistance and ongoing support to protect life, health, safety, and property in response to a disaster.

Emergency Response Process

Maximizing Response and Relief

Enigma Advisory’s primary objective during disaster response Initiatives during crisis is to provide dependable and reliable support throughout the recovery mission. By providing you with maximum support and empowering you with the necessary tools and resources to ensure best practice and emergency response relief, we offer unique and adaptive strategies to enhance your emergency management response programs and efforts to produce the most desirable and positive outcomes in the event of a disaster.

What our Disaster Response Process Includes:

  • Rapid Damage Assessment

  • Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Planning

  • Emergency Medical Service Planning

  • First Responder Coordination Planning

  • Inspection (Road, Bridges, Overpasses, Dams, Reservoirs, etc.)

  • Institution and Maintenance of Law-and-Order Processes

  • Emergency Utility Services Restoration Planning

  • And more…

  • Crisis Decision Making Support

  • Resource Requests (including External Reinforcement Aid for Search and Rescue)

  • Emergency Communications Planning and Processes

  • Structural Compromise Risk and Demolition

  • Planning to aid in Life, Health, Safety, and Property Protection

  • Public Information Announcement and Warning Support Processes

  • Clearance of Evacuation Routes and Debris Removal

At Enigma Advisory, our Disaster Response Objectives aim to provide a Functional Response Cluster System that assists in the Command and Coordination of Response Teams (including Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Personnel), healthcare services, Logistics support & relief (food, nutrition, relief), Shelter (including Camp Management), water supply (sanitation and hygiene), transportation (road, rail, air and sea), security and welfare, and immediate recovery (restoration of urban services). By outlining and providing a comprehensive and complete Disaster Response Process we abate ongoing duress and threat to life, health, and safety. A support process designed to maximize positive optimal results during the Emergency Response phase of a catastrophic event.

Emergency Response Process Experts

Preparing a Disaster Response Plan and Process that is designed to effectively manage and mitigate threat during crisis can pose a series of unique and complex challenges. At Enigma Advisory, our experts and knowledgeable consultants can help simplify those challenges and develop sound processes to help you be ready after disaster strikes. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our consultants, call or submit a Contact Request today.