Enigma Advisory Recovery Three Phase Program

In the event of a Catastrophe, Enigma Advisory offers a meticulously effective Disaster Recovery process.  Our method provides a comprehensive and precise analysis to assist in the restoration of communities impacted by disaster. In addition to communal health, we preserve and protect the life, safety, and property of induvials. Our agency provides recovery capabilities that are comprised of three primary competencies to maximize the recovery process.

  • Disaster Recovery Program Management and Implementation

  • Financial and Data Management Program Processes

  • Federal Disaster Funding and Policy Guideline Processes

By coordinating and facilitating this effort, we help you maximize the benefits gained at each step. This will help you capitalize on resources and achieve your desired results throughout the Recovery Process. In turn, our process also maximizes the potential for a positive community turn out in effected areas.


Disaster Recovery Process: Phase One

Program Management and Implementation

Phase one of the Disaster Recovery Process is vital and often sets the stage for what is to follow during phase two and three. Due to the severity of damage a catastrophic event can levy on a community, recovery often hinges heavily onand in many cases is not possible withoutassistance from the federal government. Therefore, this places an even greater importance on the effective management and implementation of the program. This includes: understanding immediate and long-term needs, considerations for those impacted, and identifying what resources are available to assist in rebuilding a community.

Enigma Advisory works hands-on with our clients during these especially time-sensitive situations. We help clients locate and gain access to every potential source of available funding to assist in the disaster recovery process. Our Disaster Recovery Team of expert consultants offer diverse and deeply seeded expertise. The recovery process is complex but we can help you identify and access policies and grant programs to aid in swift and optimal recovery.


Disaster Recovery Process: Phase Two

Data and Financial Management

Federally regulated grant programs can be complex and time-consuming activities that take internal resources away from their day-to-day task. Our compliance experts help you manage the processes and requirements for adherence to documentation requirements. Enigma Advisors are experienced in Federal Policies and offer creative and innovative practices that leverage astute technicalities and deep programmatic knowledge about data management processes and best practices. This provides us the ability to locate and identify the necessary information needed to provide greater access to resources for disaster recovery initiatives. With this data, we curate and develop useful and valuable reports that clearly and concisely articulate critical information that helps clients in the decision-making process of recovery in disaster management.

Because of our unique and diverse capabilities, Enigma Advisory can supply the appropriate and necessary information to help our clients succeed in post-disaster events that will also improve your advantage in response to future disasters. Through each step of our programs, we offer extensive and important education to help clients implement essential recovery best practices to be better prepared for future crises and emergencies that pose threat to life, health, safety, and property.


Disaster Recovery Process: Phase Three

Federal Disaster Programs and Policy Guideline Processes

The Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act was brought into law to provide systematic aid to Local, State, Tribal and Territorial Governments. Through the Stafford Act financial, technical, logistical, and other assistance is accessible to these agencies and governments in the event a disaster takes place. Since there are several types of federal assistance programs, Enigma Advisory provides the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through your options to identify and isolate resources that provide the greatest benefit to aid those impacted by disaster. Because of the diversity and specificity of grants offered, including those such as those offered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Department of Transportation (DOT), Enigma Advisory can aid with locating and accessing the programs offered to help assist in the recovery process.

With our deep understanding of the federal Funding process and how it is provided to jurisdictions, our team at Enigma Advisory can assist in making sure applications are filed, forms are completed, budgets are properly estimated, and ensure that deadlines are met. Our team at Enigma Advisory understands the vital role funding can play in the recovery process and the complexity of the program processes, we apply our expertise and knowledge to simplify and streamline the process by providing factual advice and appropriate assistance throughout the grant lifecycle. We understand the laws and regulations and have the experience in advocating and mediating on the behalf of our clients. This is how we can help you access the resources needed and help you maintain compliance of the financial aid throughout the entirety of the recovery lifecycle.

Preparedness Planning

Before an Emergency

While recovery work is contracted pre or post-disaster, it is important for our clients to also plan for future events. Enigma Advisory can assist in the development of long-term recovery strategy, planning, and redevelopment initiatives to help you anticipate and prepare for future emergencies. Our experts will help you construct and develop comprehensive Preemptive Recovery Agreements for personnel and vendors, which will allow you to proactively create a stand-by support service structure for future events. Thus, helping you prepare in advance of a disaster.

Emergency Recovery Experts

Planning and establishing a Disaster Recovery Plan after a crisis presents unique and complex challenges. At Enigma Advisory, our experts and knowledgeable consultants can help simplify those challenges by developing sound processes to help with recovery and be ready for when a disaster reoccurs. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our consultants, call or submit a Contact Request today.