Disaster Preparedness In 5 Steps

Taking the appropriate measure to prepare for a disaster can help mitigate its impact and the effects it has on life, health, safety, and property. At Enigma Advisory, we are here to help State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Governments initiate a Disaster Preparedness Process to help predict, and where possible, prevent disaster, mitigate their effect on vulnerable communities, and respond to and effectively manage the recovery process.

While Emergency Management Preparedness can be an arduous and challenging task, Enigma Advisory provides expertise, knowledge, and resources to help abate the difficult and complex nature of the Preparedness Process. We are the experts to help develop Preparedness Strategies t that are highly effective and maximize optimal outcome before Disaster strikes.


Disaster Preparedness Process: Phase One

Capability and Risk Analysis and Assessment

In emergency management, being unaware can be dangerous or life-threatening. For this reason, we work closely with our clients to help them identify their capabilities and vulnerabilities so that they may take the appropriate measures in a crisis situation.

At Enigma Advisory, we believe the basis for solid planning begins with understanding an organizations’ capabilities related to emergency management. By conducting thorough and meticulous capability assessments our Disaster Preparedness Consultants can leverage information paired with extensive knowledge and expertise to assist a jurisdiction or organization to identify risk. Approaching each project with accuracy and precision we help agencies collect, organize, and understand the qualitative and quantitative results of the information procured by our Disaster Preparedness Consultants.


Disaster Preparedness Process: Phase Two

Disaster Preparedness Planning

The next step into the Disaster Preparedness Process is to appropriate and construct planning measures to help develop policy recommendations and standards for stakeholders to adhere to and follow. Our Disaster Preparedness Consultants are highly skilled experts who can help you look ahead when developing both hazard-specific and multi-hazard-tiered plans to assist in all phases of a disaster. This includes mitigation measures, response efforts, and recovery steps to help those impacted by disaster rehabilitate and restore their communities.

Enigma Advisory also provides innovative solutions for essential personnel in all phases of Disaster Preparedness Planning. This includes communications, technology, and social platforms to help engage essential stakeholders in the development of unique planning, specific guidance for activating initiatives within the plan, and providing ongoing strategic direction as we move forward.


Disaster Preparedness Process: Phase Three

Executive Strategy Selection

The best time to make good decisions is not in the midst of a crisis. However, crises demands immediate attention from executive levels and creates challenges on how to handle them in the heat of the moment. To better prepare for these moments, Enigma Advisory works with executives to develop deliberate and prompt response and assist with strategies that will help them navigate their way through difficult and time-sensitive decisions. Enigma Advisory can assist with draw ups of tactical guidelines that work specifically for those businesses or organizations to acclimate and prepare before any situation arises.


Disaster Preparedness Process: Phase Four

Training Initiatives

Ongoing Training and Preparedness Conditioning are both critical and necessary ongoing initiatives. They provide assurance that emergency plans are practical, manageable, comprehensive, and comprehendible by the team members responsible for putting them into action when the time comes. At Enigma Advisory we strongly believe that it is critical that ongoing exercise be routinely practiced by the people and organizations who will be called on in the event of an emergency. Their skillsets need to be refreshed with rigor, refined, and updated so that their roles and responsibilities are clear and supported.

By exercising people who are responsible to making decisions during the time of an emergency, it can help mitigate mistakes and managed in a safe environment to enhance the learning experience. This will ensure control and reduction of miscalculations made during a real-life disaster that can have disastrous impact on life, health, and safety.


Disaster Preparedness Process: Phase Five

Planning for what’s Next

Providing Strategic Guidance at the conclusion of the Planning and Training Stages are both effective and necessary for refining ongoing plans and resource procurement optimizations. Next steps are often prioritized by focusing on need and identifying cost opportunities that decide how financial support will be provided. Additionally, our Disaster Preparedness Advisors can furnish insight into how continued preparation for disasters, as well as how to leverage financial assistance can help support ongoing preparedness endeavors to maximize optimal positive outcome in a future event.

Emergency Preparedness Process Experts

Planning and establishing a Disaster Preparedness Plan ahead of an impending crisis can create unique and complex challenges. At Enigma Advisory, our experts and knowledgeable consultants can help simplify those challenges and develop sound processes to help you be ready if or when disaster strikes. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our consultants, call or submit a Contact Request today.