Disaster Support and Disaster Mitigation

At Enigma Advisory we know that the work necessary to be done after a crisis can be a long and arduous trek filled with challenges that require ongoing assistance long after the recovery phase. That is why we create comprehensive support processes that provide restoration and rehabilitation contingency planning to account for needed continued assistance. By creating a system that provides access to ongoing support and resources in the recovery journey we provide both clients and our communities in need of an ongoing support program to assist the process. With a complete ongoing support program to account for the seen and unforeseen challenges to reach the desired optimal positive outcome.

Our work is also focused on minimizing the impact of future hazards that pose threat to life, health, safety, and property. Hazard Mitigation Planning is especially necessary for areas that are prone to the same disaster events that occur in the same locations over time and cause a repeating cycle of catastrophic damage potential. This can include areas that are prone to hurricanes, flooding, and fire threats. This is where Enigma Advisory can offer great benefits and peace of mind. With our Mitigation Planning Process, we develop complete and comprehensive solutions that provide planning and funding designed to abate and reduce repetitive loss focused on breaking the disaster cycle that plagues the communities susceptible to repeated catastrophe.


Disaster Mitigation Process: Phase One

Vulnerability Analysis

Enigma Advisory provides services to identify, quantify and prioritize specific hazardous vulnerabilities of an area that may impede or inhibit their response in the event of a disaster. For example, our Mitigation Experts will conduct vulnerability assessments for identified projects to assess exposure to risk and the degree of impact potential disasters can exact before they happen. Doing so can abate the damage caused and improve the time allotted for recovery efforts to maximize the optimal positive outcome.


Disaster Mitigation Process: Phase Two

Hazard Mitigation Strategy

Through the process of developing a Mitigation Strategy, Enigma Advisory begins with identifying long-term strategies that include planning, policy changes, programs, projects, and related activities. After identification, the next step is to create the processes that are put into place to implement them throughout the response and recovery phases to ensure continuity and resolution in each phase. Mitigation Strategies should be developed at every level and includes personnel, businesses, local, state, and Federal Governments.

Once Enigma Advisory has developed the Mitigation Plans and Strategies, our next step is to ensure they are followed to the letter so that we can ensure a change in the disaster cycle. Mitigation Activities are designed and implemented as a part of a permanent or long-term solution that includes the appropriate policy guidelines and measures to be followed that are required by Federal Requirements, Regulations, and expected Timelines.


Enigma Advisory also assists in FEMA-recognized and designated Mitigation Programs. This includes:

  • 406 Hazard Mitigation is part of the Public Assistance process.
  • The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)

Disaster Mitigation Process: Phase Three


Once the Mitigation Planning and Support Infrastructure has been created, the next step is to implement the program and monitor adherence. Enigma Advisory will monitor adherence and provide consulting services ongoing to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. Through our auditing process, we ensure that program policies are followed to ensure that funding and access to resources remain accessible throughout the process to aid the response and recovery process through completion.

Ongoing Support and Disaster Mitigation Planning

Unaware of the ripple effects a disaster can create it is important to ensure there are protective measures and safeguards in place to guarantee adequate and sustainable support throughout the entirety of the process. But preparing in the wake of a crisis can present a series of unique and complex challenges. At Enigma Advisory, our Disaster Support Experts and Mitigation Consultants can help simplify those challenges and develop sound processes to manage and recover from disaster as well as prepare for future threats. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with one of our consultants, call or submit a Contact Request today.