About Enigma Advisory

Enigma Advisory is a Full-Service Disaster Planning, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation Agency. We work with Federal, State, Local and Tribal Governments and provide support to those in need throughout the U.S. With extensive experience and our vast network of resources, we provide Disaster Services to help protect our communities and help them recover in the event when a natural or man-made catastrophe takes place. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled support and resources to help you achieve the best and most optimal outcome possible, while protecting lives, health, safety and property.


About the Principal: Joshua Rosales

In 2014 I began my career in Disaster Recovery with a well-known CPA firm. It was an exciting time because I had always aspired to help people and advocate for the work that our government provides to our communities. Taking that step into Disaster Recovery provided me the opportunity to expand my skills in internal and external audit functions that are key to success when problem solving for planning and responding to a declared disaster.

Whether it was assisting applicants with their need to submit and retain documents while monitoring the progress of project completion for Hurricanes Sandy or Ike, auditing or reviewing scope of work for West, Texas disaster declarations, walking the streets and landscape with FEMA partners to assess damages in many cities and counties across Texas during the severe storms and flooding of 2015, to being a partner with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to assist with their COVID-19 response.

In 2019, I took the passion and energy that I had to help communities recover from devastating events and achieved my lifelong ambition of being a Hispanic Small Business owner by creating Enigma Advisory. At Enigma Advisory we are the disaster recovery leaders by utilizing industry leading knowledge that support our partners through their disaster preparation, response, and recovery.